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Flatdogs Camp

for Safari tours to South Luangwa



At Flatdogs Camp, we offer several unique accommodation options that blend into the beauty, tranquility and space found on the banks of the Luangwa River. All this and incredible value too!

We pride ourselves on making this premier Zambian safari destination accessible to like-minded souls by offering affordable luxury accommodation. We also have a swimming pool, WiFi in the main area, and a book swap.


We have trained all our chefs over the years, working with them to develop a really special bistro-style a la carte menu for Flatdogs. We are aiming for simple dishes, done well. Isolated as we are here, we make just about everything from scratch; our delicious bread which is baked daily, our crispy nachos, the feisty and fiery chili sauce, and the tangy pawpaw chutney. We use locally-grown and -raised produce and we are proud that our food footprint is minimal. We purchase Zambian-grown over anything imported and therefore have the freshest and tastiest food, picked when ripe. The restaurant offers plenty of dishes to suit all palates large and small! We have a dedicated gluten-free menu, a dedicated vegan menu and can also cater to most other vagaries and health needs!


Flatdogs is the closest camp to the Mfuwe main gate of South Luangwa National Park. All our South Luangwa safari activities are led by a fully-qualified guide and include morning drives, night drives, and walking safaris.

The professionalism and skills of our guides are what get you to the best sightings with the fewest number of humans around. We normally limit numbers to six guests per vehicle and our guides use their guiding skills, not their radios, to find the game. You might sit listening to the sounds of the bush, alone in the wilderness, when the guide hears an alarm call. What better way to find a leopard?

The South Luangwa is one of the few parks in Africa to allow night drives, and the guides’ knowledge of animal behaviour really pays off after dark. Knowing where predators might hunt, which other predators might be around to take advantage of, and how to ensure we don’t interfere with the normal behavior of these animals is crucial to your enjoyment.

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