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The hub of our journey and the common denominator for all of our packages is Zambia; a fascinating landlocked country in the heart of Southern Africa. 




Zambia is widely described as Real Africa and the origin of the walking safari. Guiding does not get better than this and walking safaris are still considered one of the best ways to experience the African wilderness. 


Let your guide take you on foot through unmarked footways bringing you closer to the true essence of African exploring.  Adventuring into the wild by bush vehicle gives you the chance to search further for the most elusive sightings. Want to really appreciate the river beasts? Then head for the canoe with your guide and really go in at the deep end. 


Zambia is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and the only ‘wonder’ in Africa….. the breath-taking Victoria Falls – “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” (“The Smoke that Thunders”) 


10% of Zambia is protected by National Parks and game reserves. These areas showcase the country’s extraordinary biodiversity. For bird lovers, Zambia boasts an incredible 779 bird species. Its National Parks are havens for many endangered species. Don’t miss the opportunities to see the incredible flora and fauna from the vantage point of your own trail horse.  

Whether you are in the tourist haven of Victoria Falls, Kafue's wilderness or venturing into South Luangwa’s National Park, the amazing wildlife is never far away. With high animal density, the chances to get up close to some of Africa’s incredible animals is ever-present. Less commercial than other resorts, South Luangwa can truly feel far from the madding crowds, whilst offering some of the leading facilities. Day and Night Game drives are possible, and sightings of the Leopards are most likely here. There is fantastic game-viewing – You have more chance of seeing Leopards in South Luangwa and Kafue or White Rhinos in Livingstone than on virtually any other African countries’ Safari trip. 


So why travel to Zambia? Zambia is immensely appealing for so many reasons: 


Widely considered to be one of the safest of all the African countries, which is always top of the list of priorities for the intrepid traveller. Nowhere near as commercially minded as its African neighbours, Zambia has maintained a largely unspoilt, uncrowded, authentic, down to earth safari experience which is quite unique and certainly hard to find elsewhere. 


Zambia, being landlocked and centrally located, is ideal for easily accessing other African countries such as ZIMBABWE & BOTSWANA; both of which are included in one or more of our packages. 

The Zambian people are exceptionally friendly and hospitable. English is the most commonly spoken language across the country which makes it easier to understand and be understood whilst travelling. 


Do you want more information about Zambia, such as the weather, visas, and much more? 

Do you see yourself on one of our itineraries in Zambia? Wait until you see the accommodation options!

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