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Zimbabwe is an incredibly hospitable and welcoming country, with exciting scenery and friendly people. Whilst it continues to have some difficulties, tourism continues to be a large benefit to the country and with the Victoria Falls at the heart of this industry, it is no surprise. 


Whilst we currently only offer day trips to Zimbabwe it is very much worth a visit.  Having been off popular lists in recent times, its National Parks offer some exceptional quality of diversity and experience. Surprisingly 13% of Zimbabwe's total lands are preserved as wildlife estates. 


None more spectacular than Victoria Falls National Park - the falls are 1.7 km wide and nearly 550 million gallons of water cascade into the chasm below every minute. Made up of 5 different “falls”, four of which are in Zimbabwe: Main Falls, The Devils Cataract, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls. 


With opportunities for adventure activities, fishing, game viewing and boat cruises, Zimbabwe does have much to enthral visitors. Night cruises in particular present the chance to see the lunar rainbow as the moon strikes the falls waters. 

Victoria Falls Bridge is worth a visit – designed in England and transported from Europe in pieces – it was assembled linking Zambia and Zimbabwe in 1906 and is now incredibly popular for its breathtaking bungee jump! 


Do you want more information about Zimbabwe in terms of visas, the weather, what currency to use and etc.? Please click here. 

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