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About Us

African Safari Experience was born out of a strong sense of desire by the founder,

Steve Roberts, to bring a wider travelling audience to Sub Saharan African and encounter the amazing diversity of wildlife and breath-taking scenery under a background of fascinating cultures, uncomplicated charm and a warmth of hospitality equalled only by the continents climate itself. 

Why Choose African Safari Experience?

  • Expertise - Steve Roberts has been living and working in Zambia for the past 12 years and has travelled extensively, not only within Zambia, but also to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Mozambique and South Africa; all of which are considered to be amongst the top Safari destinations.  Based in Livingstone, Steve and his team know the countries and the accommodations we offer.

  • Local Offices and staff – Unlike many other International Tour operators, African Safari Experience has knowledgeable local staff on the ground to "meet and greet" you and ensure your trip is trouble-free and unforgettable.
    Meet our Team


  • UK registered and managed – Client confidence and trust of dealing with an international based company with a head office in England for added peace of mind.

  • Tailor-made packages – Whilst African Safari Experience has suggested packages, our greatest strength is utilising our vast practical experience to create a bespoke package that is personal to your interests, time allowed and budgetary requirements.
    Create Your Own Safari

Zambia is the hub of our journey, and the common denominator for all of our packages; a fascinating landlocked country in the heart of Southern Africa. 


So why travel to Zambia?

Traditional African Safaris centre around the likes of Kenya or Tanzania, which are brilliant in their own right. But Zambia is immensely appealing for so many reasons. A few main ones being:-

  • Widely considered to be one of the safest of all the African countries.

  • Home to the only natural seven natural wonder of the world in the whole of Africa:  the breath-taking Victoria Falls.

  • Unspoilt, uncrowded, authentic, down to earth and less commercially driven safari experience.

  • The Zambian people are exceptionally friendly and hospitable and English is the most common spoken language across the country.

  • Fantastic Game-viewing., and away from the maddening crowds

  • 10% of Zambia is protected by National Parks and Game Reserves.

  • Incredibly 779 different species of Birds visit Zambia’s National Parks.

  • Centrally located, and so ideal for accessing other African Countries. Zambia offers authenticity for safari adventurers.


So why not explore 'Real Africa' with us.



"Everything in Africa Bites, but the Safari bug worst of all."

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