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African Safari Experience
African Safari
African Safari Experience

Table Mountain National Park

One of the new Natural Seven Wonders of the world, Table Mountain National Park dominates the mountain region of Cape Town. From its magnificent mountains to the bleached white sands it is home to some of the most diverse flora, over 2200 species of plants have been recorded here.  


Open access hiking, mountain bike rides and beautiful forestry, there is plenty to do in this picturesque habitat.  

Even the clouds here are reflected in the area. The clouds blanketing the mountain are known as the ‘table cloth’. With many caves there is always something different to see. 


At Boulders Bay the colony of Penguins await. 

Whether you choose the cable car ride up, experience tremendous views of the coast line out of Cape Town, or feel adventurous to hike to the top you will be exhilarated by your surroundings. 

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